Sanctuaries are buildings that are meant to support life. They store fresh-water and the walls have space for plants.

While humans live in a sanctuary building the water can be circulated via electricity and the walls can contain edible plants.

The Sanctuaries are build to last as long as possible with our current knowledge. They incorporate arches and maya style anti earthquake bricks made from geopolymer.

Farmbots/drones can be used on the outside to maintain the plants but there are stairs build in so that Humanoids can climb up the wall and maintain the plants manually.
When someone falls while climbing they fall into the waterstorage that surrounds the building like a moat.

The waterstorage can be habitat for aquatic life and thus the building can be used as aquaponic farm.

When abandoned by the caretakers/humanoids the building serves as living space for plants and animals.

Seeds can be added to the bricks to protect them from catastrophes. So that when a brick breakes down new life can emerge later again.

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