Hi! I'm Brah Rah. I deeply care about things and I'm always thinking about how to improve or fix everything. My artists name "Brah Rah" means Brother Sun-God Rah. I've chosen this name because it expresses my own desire to shine like the sun, bringing more happiness and kindness to this world, that is ruled by greed and ignorance.

Videogames have been a great passion of mine and I've been playing them almost from the very beginning. They taught me a lot and brought me a lot of joy when my life was at it's lowest. I want games to continue as the art that they truly are and I'm really pissed that this artform has become just another tool for big $$$ corps to milk us. I don't enjoy games as I've enjoyed them before. Just like movies, music, food and everything else. They have become colorful exciting packages with stale almost rancid content. I'm fed up with these kind of products, I do not want to support them anymore. They lack any form of kindness. The only products I still enjoy are those that are created with a lot of love and dedication. I want to band together with everyone that cares and create things that are kind in nature. For everyone! Not just those that are privileged. I want absolutely everyone to enjoy tasty and healthy food.

It's always been a dream of mine to make games but I've always struggled with creating them because I played them too much ^-^ With pretty much nothing left to play now, I was finally able to switch to creating games instead. I guess I have to thank the big $$$ game corps for that. I'm bursting with ideas and I'm finally at a point where I can realize them too. It was a hard road, a lot of work, much to learn and it still continues to be.

I don't want to become rich by making video games, I won't concentrate on crowd pleasers. I want to make games that I and those that really enjoy playing games will like and support. I care so much about games that I wont create a studio. Everyone is free to join me making and improving the games. All of my games and other projects will be open source and public domain. If I can survive from the donations alone, if not then I might add some fair and moderate monetisation options. That is the best and only way I can think of to protect the games from getting bought and misused. If everyone can change and sell them nobody can really earn too much with them. Another boon is: If I ever stop working on a project everyone that likes what I created can still work on it and further develop it.

All the monetary support that I get that is too much I will use for projects to counter the greed and ignorance that is burning our world. One drop of water does not extinguish a raging fire but I strongly believe that there are more kind humans than there are selfish ones. Let us create an ocean that cannot be burned by any fire! Let us create a better world together!

That being said I really hope you enjoy and support my projects and ideas!
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